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The Carlson Lab group is a an enthusiastic group of individuals sharing a passion for microbial dynamics and ocean biogeochemistry. We are dedicated to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion within our lab group and as a greater part of the marine science & research communities at UCSB. We welcome all and encourage anyone to join us. We are committed to identifying and combating systemic and institutional racism and oppression of marginalized groups and would be proud to have you join our group and support your endeavors in oceanography. We thoroughly enjoy discussing our research and encourage you to contact us if you are interested in learning more!

Graduate Students

Dr. Carlson is an active faculty member in both the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB) and the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science (IGPMS) and is a member of UCSB’s Marine Science Institute (MSI). IGPMS provides multidisciplinary graduate training across the marine sciences and is a top ranking program nationally. Prospective students should reach out to Dr. Carlson directly.

Undergraduate Researchers

The Carlson Lab is committed to making hands on laboratory and field training accessible to undergraduate students. We actively recruit from undergraduate courses, and encourage any interested students to contact us to learn more. Please email lab manager Ellie Halewood or Dr. Carlson to discuss more.


Our postdocs bring a wealth of laboratory and field experience to the group and are a testament to our commitment to advancing research at all levels. Please feel free to contact our current postdocs to discuss this role or reach out to Dr. Carlson to inquire about future opportunities.

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