COVID-19 Information

Due to the COVID Pandemic UCSB has reduced laboratory operations. Please e-mail us and we will get in touch regarding sample submissions at this time.

DOM Analytical Lab Services

We provide analysis of seawater/freshwater samples using the High Temperature Combustion method on a Shimadzu TOC-V for the determination of:

Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC): 25-100µM Concentration Range, Precision 1-2 µM
Total Dissolved Nitrogen (TDN): 2-24µM Concentration Range, Precision 1-2 µM

If your samples fall outside these ranges, please contact us so we can prepare an appropriate standard curve specific to your set.

Work Order and Payment Terms

Prior to submitting your samples please fill out a work order and we will contact you regarding when to ship. Include a copy of this work order in your sample shipment.

Submitting Samples

Please contact our lab by email or phone immediately before a sample batch is being prepared for shipment. All DOM samples need to be shipped frozen and the package should be sent by overnight express (Fed Ex). Please forward the tracking number via e-mail.

Sample List and Labeling

An itemized sample list should be included with your shipment. Samples should be clearly labeled. Simple sequential sample IDs are preferred. If sample IDs are long or complex, a new numerical ID will be assigned to each sample and a cross-reference key will be provided to you when the data is reported.

Sample Collection & Packaging

DOM samples should be collected through a combusted GF/F filter directly into pre-combusted 40mL glass EPA vials with PTFE lined septa, or acid cleaned plastic (HDPE) bottles. Samples should be frozen immediately after collection and stored at -20°C or below. Please allow sufficient headspace when freezing for expansion of the sample without breaking the container. Glass vials should be individually protected and well padded overall to prevent breakage in shipment. We require a minimum sample volume of 15mL for each analysis.

Note: We do not accept samples containing any toxins or preservatives.


For questions and work requests please contact us at

 Work Order Request

Complete the form to request sample testing.

 Recharge Rates

Includes one-rerun, data processing, and quality control checks by a technician*.

UC Rate: $14.06
Non-UC Rate: $21.30

*You will receive a report of machine diagnostics with your dataset.

 Shipping Address

Carlson DOM Lab
Marine Science Institute
Bldg.520, Rm 4001 FL 4L
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150